You know, I’ve been doing this for so long, that many of the things I work on don’t get me really excited. For example, I remember the very first magazine ad that I worked on solo. That was so incredibly amazing, that I had to rush down and buy two copies of the magazine to keep forever. Now, I mostly forget about them. If they do excite me, I may show my family at the store, but that’s it. 

This project however, is one of those things that still get me excited. We worked closely with Jay Tilles (aka Lightning from local Los Angeles based radio station KROQ) on a SEMA truck build. The project was a blast, and it came out great. There were a ton of other companies involved in the making of this truck. But when it came to the design of the wrap, we were given full control. What’s funny is the design is based off of a comment I made to Jay that he didn’t think would work. But after we comped it up, he was all in. 

It was exciting to see this truck on the recent cover of Truckin’ Magazine. So exciting in fact that I again had to run down and buy a copy. Brought me back to my early days!

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